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The firm was established by Teruo Yabuki in 1962.

The firm had mainly practiced in the areas of civil cases for individual clients as well as general corporate for small or middle-sized corporate clients since the establishment of the firm until 1996 when Kimotoshi Yabuki joined the firm. After Kimitoshi Yabuki's participation in the firm, however, the firm's focus on the practices has been shifted largely, and now provides mainly corporate and international legal services.

Each attorney at the firm provides legal services under the firm's Lawyers Policy. The policy places utmost importance on our commitment to provide best-quality and speedy legal services to our clients at any time with sincerity. Each attorney at the firm feels enthusiastic about being an excellent lawyer, actively works on new frontiers and makes his/her best efforts to have his/her own expertise in specific fields. We fully respect the professionalism of lawyers and keep training ourselves so that we acquire the ability to work in various fields for our clients from anywhere in the world.

The firm practices in a wide range of areas including international or domestic litigation, merger and acquisition, corporate restructuring, licensing, compliance, securitization, copyright, information technology-related laws, antitrust law, labor law, international transactions, educational corporation law and religious corporation law. Ninety percent of the firm's clients are corporations or other types of business entities. The list of our current clients covers a very wide range of industries, which include bank, nonbank, investment management, electronics, construction, transportation, real estate, food, machine, chemical, medical care, entertainment (including multimedia), internet, software, publishing, trade house, education, religion, etc.

Especially, the firm has been engaged in many antitrust cases inside and outside Japan, and become one of the leading autitrust firms domestically or internationally.

The firm would like to continue our best efforts to expand the human resources and, to grow as a law firm with harmonious and strong teamwork.
ATAGO TOYO Building, 4F
1-3-4 Atago, Minato-ku, TOKYO, 105-0002, JAPAN

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